Requested by our Manor House Brides: Inspiration for The Send Off!

The big schabang, the last hoorah, the send off! How on earth do you decide how you will leave your wedding and say farewell to all of your guests before you head off to your romantic honeymoon?

Recently here at The Manor House, we had to ban our sparkler send off due to the unusually dry conditions in Colorado.  Sparklers have been such a popular send off for our Manor House Brides so a lot of our brides have been scrambling to try to come up with alternative ideas.

 So, this post is for my brides out there who are seeking alternatives for a send off. I have gone on a hunt for unique send off ideas and here is what I have found so far… prepare yourself, there are many exciting options!

Rose Petals

This is a classic and beautiful way to have your guests send you and your new hubby off. What is absolutely fantastic about it, it doesn’t hurt when your guests toss rose petals at you! And all you have to do is ask your florist for some fresh flowers in your color scheme and wa-la, an easy and whimsical way to end your special day!

Thanks for the idea heartloveweddings!

Photos: by Andrea Murphy Photography via Style Me Pretty, by Miranda Laine Photography viaStyle Me Pretty: Texas

Glow Sticks

How fun is this?! I adore the idea of glow sticks, especially if you are trying to replace that glow that sparklers give off. The long glow sticks are a great idea too, because that allows your guests to wave them around, whereas with the smaller glow sticks your guests wouldn’t be able to really wave them up and down and create the effect that is seen in this picture. One of our Manor House Brides suggested white glow sticks to create the more elegant feel, which I am sure would look fantastic for pictures as well!

Via PearlEventsAustin

Ribbon Wands

Click the pic for a ribbon wand how to!

The greatest thing about a ribbon wand send off is you can turn it into a DIY. There are tons of sites out there with How-To tutorials for ribbon wands, and doing it yourself allows you to customize the ribbons exactly how you want. You can have your color palette as the ribbons, your names engraved on the sticks, etc.

Via Tim & Suzette

 Pom Poms

Once I saw the idea for pom poms I knew I needed to suggest it for a send -off idea because I feel it would fit the personalities of a lot of our Manor House brides perfectly. This is such a cute, unique, and inexpensive way for your guests to say farewell and thank you for the fabulous wedding they just attended. Pom poms are soft, so they won’t hurt if they are thrown at you and I can just imagine the fantastic photos of our brides and their grooms walking down the Manor House steps with a shower of pom poms all around them!

Via A Realistic Wedding 

Mini Beach Balls

For those fun-loving couples, as I know we have many here at The Manor House who are incorporating other very exciting elements into their wedding, mini beach balls are a wonderful idea! Think about how much fun your guests would have if you gave them a mini beach ball to throw in the air to send you off. Plus, throw your name and wedding date on there and you’ve got yourself a very amusing and entertaining favor!

Via HeartLoveWeddings

Photo by Kay English Photography

Fresh Lavender

Click the Pic for a how to!

There is nothing like the smell of fresh lavender. It fills your senses and gives you such a calm and serene feeling, it is wonderful. That is why I highly recommend tossing fresh cut lavender. Not only will it make you and you guests smell delightful, it also makes for a great replacement for the traditional throwing of rice, because let’s face it, rice can hurt and it doesn’t smell too great by itself! My only suggestion if you use lavender is if you choose to put it in a pouch for each guests, make sure to provide instructions not to throw the whole pouch and to take the lavender out of the bag! Trust me, pieces of lavender don’t hurt, but when a whole pouch of lavender is chucked at your head it’s another story.

Via Something Old, Something New

Paper Airplanes

This is an idea inspired by one of our very own Manor House Brides who had a paper airplane send off at her wedding this past weekend (pictures and a post to come soon!). Her idea for her paper airplane send-off was not simply just having your guests soar any old paper airplanes into the air, but ones with warm wishes for the happy couple. Each one of her guests wrote a note of encouragement and luck onto the paper airplane before the send off, and the airplanes were collected after the send-off for the new couple to read after their honeymoon.

Via Wedding Bee 


I saved my personal favorite for last… bubbles. There is something so special and fairy-tale-like about having bubbles for your send off, not to mention it is a lot of fun for your guests! If I did not already love the idea of a bubble send-off, this picture alone would have made me a fan, just look how amazing this photograph is!

Via Bella Floral

Post by: Maddie McCloud

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