Always Say Thank you

For my inspiration post this week I want to talk about something very dear to my heart… thank you notes. From the moment I first began to write, my Mom has taught the importance of writing a thank you card. For every gift, whether it was for Christmas, a birthday, graduation, etc. my sister and I have always had to write thank you notes to each person thanking them individually for the gift we received. As a kid I hated having to take the time to sit down and write a note to each of my relatives (sorry family, it’s the truth), BUT as an adult, I truly understand and appreciate the importance of always saying thank you.

That is why I am giving you ideas on how to say thank you to your guests for attending your wedding.  This can be done before or after, but I highly recommend it and just wait until you take a peak at the interesting ways I found to say thank you!

Vintage Postcards

Click the pic to find these thank you’s on Etsy!

These are for all my vintage-loving brides out there! I know the vintage look is extremely popular right now, how could it not be, it is simply delectable and adorable all at once. That is why I love love love these postcards because if you are using that vintage theme, it allows you to carry that on to the very end with your thank you cards! Not only that, but these will truly be something your guests will want to keep because it allows you to write a personalized message on each postcard, which is very meaningful to many people.

Via: Etsy 


Click the pic for a how-to on The Knotty Bride!

Do I even have to explain why these are a FANTASTIC idea? These are simply all around fun, with the photos of your guests included (if you choose to do a photo booth this is a great idea!) as well as mad libs! Your guests will crack up at these and I know if it were me creating these I would be cracking up too! These thank you’s get my vote for most creative and they are DIY, which is a HUGE plus! If you are interested at all in DIY thank you’s,  click the picture for a wonderful How-To.

Via: The Knotty Bride

Table Thank yous

Click the pic to find these on Etsy!

I know that many brides are most likely utterly exhausted after planning and then finally having their wedding day that the thought of making and sending out thank you cards after everything is absolutely daunting. That is why I think it is highly acceptable to have some sort of Thank You’s at the wedding. At the table thank you’s like this are great because you can make them quirky and tailored to who the two of you are as a couple in order to make them more meaningful and enjoyable for your guests to read and appreciate.

Via: Etsy


Manor House Bride Becky

Venue: The Manor House

Photography: Two One Photography

Via: Blushing Bride Wedding 

A picture says a thousand words, and in the case of a Thank You that is extremely true. Picture thank yous are one of the most popular because they are very perfect to give to your guests for two reasons. Number one, they are personalized… your guests all came to the wedding to see the two of you get married right? So who doesn’t want to see a picture from your wedding day! Secondly, you can send the pictures with a letter to each of your guests if you want to make everyone feel extra special.

Post by: Maddie McCloud

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