Charmingly Vintage, with a hint of Backstreet Boys

I instantly fell in love with Becky’s unique ideas for a charming vintage wedding. She incorporated so many creative elements into her wedding… from the handcrafted antique book centerpieces, the engaging postcard guest book, the absolutely adorable multi-use dresser adorned with potted flowers & candy, and finally to the first ever Manor House Flash Mob!


Becky & Scott had a traditional first dance, that as you can see was utterly adorable… but then a little surprise happened….

At the end of their first dance, Becky followed her cue from the DJ and began dancing to “Everybody” by The Backstreet Boys. Next thing we knew, guests all around the tent sporadically jumped onto the dance floor to join the joyful bride who was so excited she was able to surprise her hubby with a Flash Mob to one of his favorite songs!

Their sweet love story

Becky shares her and Scott’s wonderful love story with The Manor House Bride, “We met on in May of 2010. Knowing we wouldn’t get to meet until July, we set out on a 3 month adventure of talking on the phone and building a communication that neither of us had ever taken the time to do with another person. We can both agree that that is why we are here at this point today! July 27, 2010, I drove into Denver with my mom and friends anticipating the meeting of the man who I now call my husband! And the rest is history! With a little bit of time and a lot of effort, Match really does work!”

The Manor House Bride Q & A with feature bride: Becky

MHB: Becky, what are some of your and Scott’s favorite things to do together?

Becky: We love  to go on walks, watch movies, spend time with family and friends, take little adventures around CO, and cuddle!

MHB: Scott, what is you favorite thing about Becky?

Scott: My favorite thing about Becky is her willingness to help others and that she is always willing to make people smile.

MHB: I completely agree with this as The Manor House has witnessed her ability to make people smile first hand! She is such a sweetheart! What are you both looking forward to the most in married life? 

Becky: We are both so excited to start a family and be parents! We trust each other and know that we are both going to support one another through that journey.

MHB:  I have no doubt about it! You are truly a couple who knows one another inside and out and I know you have a very happy and bright future ahead for you as a married couple! 

Congratulations Becky & Scott!

Venue: The Manor House

Photography: Two One Photography

Florist: Brilliant Blooms 

Cake: Mulberries 

Rentals: A Vintage Affair Rentals 

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      • Thank you Manor House for all your support and vision to see what Becky saw.
        The set up put the visions to song.
        You have an amazing “House” and what a great place to be with all those
        loving and happy memories just floating throughout the grounds from all the
        happiness and love that has walked through your doors.

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