Quirky Guest Book Ideas

So I have to apologize, it has been FAR too long since we have had a Manor House Bride Inspiration Post! That is why I am giving you TWO inspiration posts this week! Keep an eye out for the next one on Thursday!

For today, we are talking all about guest books. It is something that is at most weddings, but like everything else in weddings, there are SO many options! It is no longer the norm to have a simple book for your guests to sign. Take a look at what I have found to be the most popular, quirky, and creative guest books used in today’s weddings.


One of our very own Manor House Brides chose postcards as her guest book and I simply adored the idea. The Bride & Groom asked their guests to write their well wishes onto a postcard, which was then placed inside the trunk and given to the MOB for her to send to the happy couple randomly throughout the next year. Think about how much fun that would be to go to your mailbox and see a postcard from one of your guests in there! Truly makes that first year of marriage that much more special with encouragement and love all along the way. Once all the postcards are collected, you could make a collage for a piece of artwork for your home.

Photography: Two One Photography 

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Photo Guest Book

Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular, whether it is an actual photobooth, or a DIY with a friend behind a polaroid camera. Not only is it a great idea to utilize for your guest book, but it also is so much fun for your guests as well. I recommend supplying a box of fun costumes for your guests to wear, which would make looking at these photos SO entertaining! You could also do a guest book video, but keep in mind some guests may be too shy to speak on video. A great way to still get a personalized message from your guests is to provide a chalkboard for them to write their message on for their picture, that way you get the best of both worlds… a sweet, encouraging message mixed with a hilarious photo.

Via: Emmaline Bride

Puzzle Guest Book

It’s no wonder why I LOVE this idea… I am sucker for puzzles. I grew up puzzling and my family does a Christmas puzzle every year. That is why I was instantly drawn towards this idea for a guest book. Imagine putting together the puzzle after your wedding and displaying it somewhere, under glass on a coffee table, in a frame, etc. and seeing a completed puzzle of your guests love and adoration towards the two of you as a couple.

Via: One Wed

Adventure Book from Up

 I am sure you remember the post featuring this delightful Manor House couple who created their very own Adventure Book, inspired by the Disney-Pixar movie, Up. It is such a cute and wonderful idea that I had to include it for quirky guest book ideas. This guest book is personalized towards the couple with pages full of photos of adventures they have had together.

Photography: Michael Sasser

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Finger Print Tree

I think a finger print tree or a photo frame for your guests to sign is a fantastic idea because it truly is something you can put on display after your wedding. If you go with the fingerprints, make sure to have something handy nearby for your guests to wipe their fingers on!

Via: Poptastic Bride

Wishing Tree

I think there is something so beautiful about a wishing tree. If you aren’t familiar with it, your guests write their wish on a piece of paper that has a string on it and once they are done they hang it on the tree. I recommend buying a little tree like this that you can take home so that your wish tree grows along with your marriage.

Via: Elizabeth Anne Designs (Click for a DIY!)


Alright, this may have my vote. Jenga pieces for a guest book is such a wonderful idea I can’t get over it! Just think about it, your guests write on the Jenga pieces and every time you play Jenga, you can read their messages all over again! I think it’s brilliant because it is a guest book you will actually use.

Via: Style Me Pretty 


For all our vintage lovin’ brides out there, a typewriter is a fantastic idea for your guest book to carry along with that vintage feel. I suggest putting together a wonderful little feature nook such as this one, that shows off your vintage theme and color scheme. Only thing to caution with a typewriter is to maybe not supply a stack of endless papers for your guests to type on… they might become novels instead of a short little happy message.

Via: Crate Paper Blog

No matter what guest book style you choose, my advice is to choose one. I think it is important for your guests to be able to write you and your groom a message, and I know you will enjoy reading/viewing their heart-felt message. As I always say with everything, make it personalized for you and your groom. Do something unique and wonderful that you will want to put on display or incorporate into your daily lives so that your guests’ well wishes follow you through your marriage.

Post by: Maddie McCloud

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  1. love these ideas! Great of you to share…makes our job so much easier when we see things that have worked and are manageable. Thank you!! Keep them coming!

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