Vintage DIY

Megan and Kurt are one of those couples that all single people in the world look at and think, I want that. They have a love that is so genuine and pure, and are so incredibly sweet & caring towards one another. I knew this the minute Megan and her mom came in for the final walk through and Megan instantly lit up at the first mention of Kurt’s name.

Their wedding was not only full of this true love, but also of a darling vintage theme filled to the brim of DIY goodies that Megan and her mom put together. See below for a how-to tutorial on their vintage table numbers!

Megan shared with us the story of how she met Kurt:

 “Kurt and I met in nursing school. We studied together and were great friends. Never thought we would date, let alone get married. We went on our first date after we graduated nursing school to a rockies game and immediately knew something was different and the rest is history. I grew up in North Carolina and Kurt grew up in Colorado. The Manor House was the second venue we looked at and we both fell in love with everything about it! My dream was to have a ceremony outside and the Manor House had the perfect spot for that with a magnificent view of the foothills, red rocks and downtown. We really liked the antique/vintage appeal and the private intimate setting. The staff is awesome to work with and made our wedding day that much more perfect!! The Manor House is not your typical wedding venue and we LOVED that!!”

Megan, did I mention I LOVE your dress?!

Megan’s Step by Step for DIY Vintage Table Numbers:

1. With the help of a very creative friend from North Carolina we made table numbers from very old and ugly brass candle sticks, coasters, jewels and a small picture frame. After collecting the brass candle sticks from a thrift store spray paint each one ivory (2 coats).

2.  While waiting for the candle sticks to dry, start working on the top portion of the table number. This was made from an old glass coaster, also from a thrift store. Begin by individually stringing small ivory/ pearl colored beads on thread and a sparkly jewel to dangle from the coaster. There were about 8 total per coaster (depending on coaster size. We alternated one strand longer and one shorter.

3. Once all the strands are complete it’s time to glue them to the coasters with a hot glue gun. Make sure to leave extra thread so you have enough to glue to the coaster.

4. Now that the candlesticks are dry, its time to distress each one with fine sand paper and rocks (this was the fun part). This made the candle sticks look more antique/vintage.

5. When the distressing was complete and the dangles from the coasters were dry, it was time to glue the coaster to the top of the candlestick. Now you have a stand to place a small picture frame on top with the table number. We got small oval picture frames and glued small antique broaches from the thrift store on the top making each frame unique. you can print the number and place it inside the frame. Now you have beautiful antique/vintage and unique table numbers.

Photography: Brinton Studios

Venue: The Manor House

Congratulations Megan & Kurt! Thank you for letting The Manor House be a part of your spectacular wedding day!

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