Fabulous Wedding Favors

I must say, this is my favorite inspiration post we have had so far. There are so many WONDER-FUL wedding favor ideas out there and AFFORDABLE ones too! All it takes is a little bit of research and creativity to find the perfect favors to fit with your wedding and your budget. Here are some favor goodies that I feel would be something special for your guests to take home  to remember your wedding day.

Cozy Blankets 

Blankets are a great idea for a late fall or winter wedding for your guests to be able to cozy up and watch your wedding ceremony. Not planning on a fall or winter wedding? Blankets are still a great idea for a favor because it is something your guests will continue to use after your wedding. Personalize them with your names and your wedding date and it will remind your guests of how much they enjoyed your wedding each time they wrap it around their shoulders’.

Via: Style Me Pretty

Sunglasses as Wedding Favors

Sunglasses are all around a fantastic idea for your wedding favors for a few reasons. For starters, they are a favor that your guests will use at your wedding. Have them handy before the ceremony to allow your guests to shield their eyes from the sun so that nothing is distracting them from your I DO’s! Not to mention they make fun photos as well! Second reason why sunglasses are wonderful, after the wedding they have a pair of stylish shades they can wear at any time of the year. Best part, sunglasses can be really cheap!

Via: Green Wedding Shoes 

Wedding Bell Favors

There is something so sweet about a wedding bell as a favor. It reminds me of Christmas time and The Polar Express, remember that delightful book?? A wedding bell favor is a darling idea for your guests to ring for you to kiss your groom during the reception or to send you two off on your honeymoon. After your wedding, your guests can be reminded of your special day at Christmas time by using the bell as an ornament on their tree.

Via: Martha Stewart Weddings 

Homemade Wedding Favors

Via: Style Me Pretty 

Via: The Frosted Petticoat 

Food favors are a sure favorite. There are endless options for the varieties of food you can gift as a favor, from baked goods to fresh fruits from the local farmers market. If you have a family member who has a specialty, that would be an added touch your guests would love. Or find a recipe that is specific to the region you are getting married in for a nice element for a destination wedding.

Umbrella Wedding Favors

Worried for a chance of rain on your wedding day? Cast those worries aside and provide your guests with an umbrella wedding favor that will cover them from any possible rain that comes your way on the wedding day.

Via: Hostess with the Mostess 

Tea or Coffee Wedding Favor Bags

Little bags of tea or coffee are the PERFECT favor for fall time weddings. You can come up with the cutest personalized sayings such as “Love is Brewing” that customize the tea bags/ coffee bags for your wedding. Plus, it is very inexpensive and your guests will be thanking you the next morning when they brew up their cup of delicious tea or coffee.

Via: Martha Stewart Weddings Having a fall wedding? Click this link for more ideas for fall favors.

Bakery Goodies

Have a local bakery you absolutely love? Then it might be a great idea to put together little bakery boxes for your guest to enjoy for breakfast the next morning. Yes, that may get a little pricey, but if it’s something you would love to do consider putting together boxes for couples, or ask your family & friends help with filling the boxes.

Via: Project Wedding Blog

Wedding Favor Seeds

Flower seeds are such a great idea and can come in so many different forms. You can give your guests little personalized baggies such as these (which you can find on Etsy between $6-$4 depending on how many you order). Or you can also do a seed paper, which is a paper that you customize with your wedding date, names, etc. and the seeds are built into the paper so you guests can simply go home and plant the paper. Either one would be a great choice because it is a gift that your guests can go home and plant and watch your love grow in front of them!

Via: Etsy 

Centerpiece Flowers for Wedding Favors

I think this takes the cake for least inexpensive wedding favor. Think about it, you purchase all of these lovely flowers for your centerpieces and then after the wedding what are you going to do with them? Most of the time, centerpieces are unfortunately thrown out. Why not provide customized bags for your guests to be able to take some of the flowers from the centerpiece at their table? Not only a creative favor idea, but green as well!

Via: Martha Stewart Weddings  Having a spring time wedding? Click the link for other great spring time favor ideas!

Unique Wedding Favors

The idea of a hidden message in a film canister is so unique and so STINKIN’ CUTE I can’t get enough of it! I think the best favors out there are something that is distintictive to you as a couple. Nothing wrong with getting creative and finding a favor that will really stand out in your guests’ minds!

Via: Bridal Musings 

Playlist Wedding Favor

The favorite budget friendly wedding favor award has to be given to the wedding playlist favor. I think this is the BEST idea because it is extremely inexpensive to do and it will be used by your guests… possibly even in their cars on the way home to keep the party going! It is a phenomenal idea that each time it is played will bring your wedding guests right back to that special day. Not to mention, it’s a great idea for you to have a copy as well to be reminded of what songs were played at your wedding. Honestly, I am so in love with this idea I think I’ll use it myself when that day comes!

Via: One Fab Day

Take a little bit of time to think about what you would ideally love to send home with your guests, and then do some research to see what that would cost. Trust me, there are thousands other fabulous favor ideas out there that could be absolutely perfect for your wedding and budget! Take a look at all of the links below each of the pictures to find other favor ideas.

Post by: Maddie McCloud

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  1. Sunglasses are perfect for summer. But I would personally prefer something edible as part of my wedding ceremony supplies. I’m pretty sure most of the guests would love to eat delicious cupcakes, chocolates, jams, etc.:)

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