Caitlyn & Jeremy’s Classic Black & White Wedding

On Friday July 20th, a phenomenal couple with one of the cutest stories were wed here at The Manor House.  Caitlyn & Jeremy’s gorgeous wedding was classically black and white, with a perfect splash of purple hues.  Alongside these flawlessly paired colors were their brilliant decorations that represented the couple to a tee. Among these decorations was a sentimental pack of gum for each escort card with each guests name attached to a business card like paper. Read below their exquisite wedding photos to find out why they chose this particular unique wedding decor.

How Caitlyn picked up Jeremy…

Caitlyn & Jeremy simultaneously laid eyes on one another during one of their evening workouts at 24hour. Throughout their workout they exchanged many glances, but neither of them made any contact with one another. This became the tradition of that next week, flirting through the eyes but nothing past that, until one day Caitlyn decided she did not want to wait anymore and glided over to Jeremy and asked if he was ever going to say hi. Stunned, Jeremy was at a loss for words and Caitlyn walked back to her machine. When Jeremy was finished with his workout, he came over and told Caitlyn to have a nice night.

Over the next two weeks, Jeremy would come over to Caitlyn and ask her if she would like a piece of gum and that was the extent of their conversations. Finally, Caitlyn decided she would make her last move and she took out her business card, highlighted her phone number, taped it to the back of a pack of gum, and tossed it in his gym bag when he wasn’t looking. She waited for him to call for a week and had not heard a word. At the end of that week she went into the gym irritated that she had not heard a peep from him. When she saw Jeremy she smashed her headphones in to her ear and put her music on full blast, determined to give him the cold shoulder. Well, that move worked and Jeremy called Caitlyn that evening and the rest is history!

How he Finally asked…

I must say Caitlyn’s story of how she met Jeremy is one of the cutest stories I have ever heard. However, when you pair that with how Jeremy proposed to Caitlyn, I think they are simply one of the most darling couples with the sweetest stories I have ever known!

So here’s the story: one day Jeremy surprised Caitlyn after her workout at 24 hour, with a pumpkin carving contest, which was something Caitlyn had wanted to do with Jeremy for the past three years. Needless to say, Caitlyn was extremely eager and prepared to beat Jeremy and jumped right in to making a masterpiece of a pumpkin that would allow her to win the competition. Finally, it was time to reveal their pumpkins to determine who had won, so Jeremy goes into their pitch dark bathroom to light his pumpkin while Caitlyn lights hers in the living room. After both pumpkins are lit, Caitlyn suggested Jeremy should show his pumpkin first so that he wouldn’t get his feelings too hurt after seeing her pumpkin. Jeremy guided Caitlyn into the bathroom with her eyes closed to reveal his pumpkin with MARRY ME carved into it.

I do not feel there is any carved pumpkin who could win in the world when put next to Jeremy’s!

Caitlyn explains why they chose to marry at The Manor House…

“Kind of a no brainer, I mean have you seen The Manor House in person?  No, really it was an easy decision to us.  I am a Denver native and wanted something with heart and soul that represents everything “COLORADO”.  I mean you have the amazing scene of downtown.  You have the beautiful scenery of the foothills in one of the most amazing valleys shared with Red Rocks.  Last, you have the amazing history from historic people and something that will always exist in its true form!  My main goal was to give my guests an experience, something different than just the same old ball room to where you feel like you have to stay at your designated table.  I love the fact that with The Manor House you have the whole grounds, backyard, patio, main floor, front yard; everyone could just enjoy the night.  Lastly I knew I didn’t have to spend lots of money on decorations or flowers to make my pictures beautiful because I already had the scenery and my husband!”

Caitlyn’s Advice for other Manor House Brides…

It may seem to simple but here are 3 things:

  1.  Do what YOU and your GROOM want to do
  2.  Make it personable; share your journey with your guests
  3.  Don’t WORRY, everything will fall into place, Kelley is phenomenal!!!

The Manor House wishes Caitlyn & Jeremy a bright and happy future and a HUGE thank you goes out to Caitlyn for sharing her and Jeremy’s wonderful stories! Congratulations you two!

Photography: Two One Photography-” Casey is so amazing and talented. You will fall in love with her!”- Caitlyn

Officiant: Keith Horstman

Florist: Amy- Flirt Events

Hair: Tiffany Giovanini @ Mikael Padilla Salon Cherry Creek, “Tiffany is fantastic, amazing and everything in between!”- Caitlyn

Makeup: Rehanna @ Channel in Park Meadows, “Reanna was a life saver!”- Caitlyn

Dress: Bea’s Bridal Nook, Designer: Paloma Blanca

DJ: Elite DJ

Venue: The Manor House

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