Rain or Shine

Rain or shine. That is the question that every Colorado wedding venue with an outdoor ceremony space asks during the busy wedding season. In Colorado, the weather can change on a dime, which most of the time works in our favor. However, we all have a few days out of the season where the weather does not listen to our knocks on wood, our warm wishes, or our sun-shine dances.

One of these days came for Rachel & Dan’s wedding here at The Manor House. However, a little rain did not dampen the spirits of this adventurous bride & groom even as we had to move the ceremony indoors to a warmer and drier environment. The rain made for glistening and picturesque photos of the bride and groom among the towering Rocky Mountain landscape. It also made for quite a party as their guests thrived in the rainy environment and danced their hearts out to the tunes of one of Rachel & Dan’s favorite bands.

Plus, haven’t you heard that rain is good luck on your wedding day? There is living proof to this saying as it poured on the day of my parents’ wedding and they have been together for 26 years now and are still as in love with one another as day one. So Rachel & Dan, I will not wish you the best of luck because you already have plenty of it from the rain that came for your special day! I cannot wait to see where you two are in 26 years!

Isn’t technology amazing?! Skype & Face time allow your guests to see the wedding who could not make it due to illness, travel issues, or other concerns. With technology, no one misses out!

Did you know The Manor House also has a video camera with live feed on the outdoor ceremony site? Another great option for your loved ones who couldn’t come to be able to see your wedding nuptials!

A little rain couldn’t dampen this wonderful couple’s big day! They were still all smiles although we had to move inside.

Interview with Manor House Bride, Rachel:

MHB: Rachel, how did you meet Dan? 
Rachel:  Danny and I met in college. I moved into the house next door to him and the rest was history!
MHB: What would you say are your favorite things about one another? 
Rachel:  Our favorite things about each other are the balance we both provide each other. Our interests are different than each others and we help bring out the best in one another.
MHB: What are you looking forward to most in married life? 
Rachel: Well, we are looking forward to being married in general, but the thing we are most excited about right away is our new black lab puppy! We are SO excited!
MHB: If you could give any advice to other brides planning a wedding, what would it be? 
Rachel: Make sure you don’t block all your photos with your bouquet up too high!
MHB: Great tip Rachel! Brides, remember keep your stems on your bouquet at your belly button for the perfect height!
Congratulations Rachel & Dan!!

Photography: Tom K Photo

Dress: Bea’s Bridal Nook

Cake: Cake Crumbs

Hair & Makeup: Avalon 

Venue: The Manor House

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