How to Choose Bridesmaids Dresses

Your bridesmaids’ dresses. Such an important element to your wedding day, but how on earth do you choose? Well start off with the dress color. Bridesmaids’ dresses are a great way to throw in that punch of your favorite color into your color scheme. However, when selecting the color… keep your ladies in mind.  Take into consideration your bridesmaids’ hair colors and skin tones and think about how that particular color would look on them.

Secondly, think about the style you would like for their dresses. Do you want long, short, strapless? Whatever style you choose, our advice is to try to select a style that fits and flatters a variety of shapes and sizes so that all of your ladies are loving the dress you selected for them. Finding it too hard to find a dress that works for all of your bridesmaids? Consider the mix and match trend that is taking over in the wedding world. Either pick a specific color or palette, and allow your ladies choose the most flattering style for them.

Let’s face it, no matter who hard a bride tries to find that PERFECT dress for everyone, some of those dresses will find their way to the back of the closet after the wedding day. One way to avoid that happening is allowing your ladies to rent their bridesmaids dresses. Sounds crazy right? It actually is a wonderful idea because you can still pick stunning dresses for your bridesmaids, but no one has to pay a penny. Check out for dress rental details.

Renting dresses not for you? You can also go the route of getting the exact bridesmaids dresses you want, but tell your ladies about the option that let’s them donate their dresses and in exchange they can purchase a pretty little black dress at a fabulous discount. This way, if you select a dress that isn’t the favorite of everyone in the wedding party they now have an option for something to do with the dress afterwards, rather than letting it just sit in the closet.

Whether you have one particular dress in mind that you want all of your bridesmaids to wear, you are flexible on the style, your only guideline is a color palette, you choose to rent your bridesmaids’ dresses…whatever way you go remember one thing.  Your bridesmaids are your best friends, your sisters, your sister in laws, your family. They are the ones who are standing by your side on this very special day in your life. So make sure to get their input and make sure they love the dress as much as you do.

Get some inspiration from some of our Manor House Brides who in our opinion, picked the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses for their wedding day.

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