Churros, Caricatures, Games & Love: Rosie & Kellen

The minute we first met Kellen & Rosie, we knew they were a couple to adore. They are so unbelievably sweet to one another and have the kindest families in the world, what’s not to love? So we knew when it came time for their wedding that it would be one to remember, and that it was. This wedding was so wonderful and full of thoughtful and unique ideas, I am truly giddy to be able to share it with you today!

How cute is their pup, Auzzie? Kellen & Rosie wanted to make sure Auzzie had an important role in their wedding day so they gave him the task of ring bearer, which this crazily well trained dog pulled off with class! Considering incorporating your pet into your wedding, but don’t want them there for the whole time? Camp Bow Wow is a great solution to that. They came to The Manor House and picked up Auzzie after the ceremony. Kellen & Rosie picked him up the following day. A personal Pet Liaison!

We adored the combo of Rosie’s bouquets with the purple lace wrap that matched her ladies dresses, paired with the simply yet perfect look of the bridesmaids’ babysbreath.

Kellen & Rosie wanted to make sure their guests would socialize at their wedding. So they incorporated so many fun games to get their guests up and moving to interact with one another. From cornhole, to live size jenga, to frisbee, to scrabble, their guests had plenty of fun to choose from!

These were not your ordinary wine bottle centerpieces. Half of the bottles were full of fairy lights that made the tent sparkle the whole evening. Their love of a vintage and lace theme carried onto the bottles by keeping the labels on and wrapping lace around the necks of the bottles.

Churros take the reward so far for most unique alternative to the traditional wedding cake that we have seen this season. Kellen & Rosie selected handmade churros from their favorite mexican bakery, Rosales, because it is their favorite dessert in Denver and they wanted to share it with their loved ones. We will always remember tossing around ideas with the two of them on how they should go about presenting the churros… do they cut a churro and feed it to one another like traditional wedding cake? Do they just let the churros speak for themselves? We think they came up with the perfect way to present the churros to their guests and still get that traditional wedding cake cutting feel, combined with a little Bella Note action.

Now, isn’t this a FANTASTIC idea? We LOVED Kellen & Rosie’s idea of having caricatures at a wedding. Rosie told us they selected a caricature artist because they had been to weddings that had a photo booth and enjoyed the idea, but wanted something that aligned more with their vintage theme and so their next thought, a caricature artist. Such a wonderful and unique touch!

Rosie & Kellen told us they wanted to create a wedding that everyone would enjoy from 1 year olds to 80 year olds. With the combination of the lace and vintage theme, the lawn games, board games, caricature artist, amazing decor, bubbles, and churros…we know they succeeded 110%.

Photography: Sarah Box Photography

Churros: Rosales Bakery 

Caricature Artists: About Faces Entertainment 

Florist: Kimball Floral

Pet Liaison: Camp Bow Wow

DJ: Elite DJ

Venue: The Manor House

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