Kailey & Brian: Love Without Stopping

Kailey & Brian’s wedding was like something out of a movie: a phenomenal & gorgeous couple, a beyond exciting dance party that lasted all night long, and a fantastic guest list full of smiles and laughter.

This wedding was a one of a kind celebration full of southern charm. Brian is from South Carolina, so to incorporate the South into their big day, Kailey & Brian chose a very common Southern wedding combination of food stations and a live band, as opposed to the traditional pairing of a DJ and sit down dinner. We think that this combo, which Kailey referred to at “eating, mingling, and DANCING” will be trending in Colorado weddings next season!

Why Kailey & Brian Chose The Manor House

The Manor House was the perfect combination of my Colorado roots and Brian’s Southern beginnings. The house resembles the plantation houses we see around Charleston, SC (where we live), but the beautiful mountain views make it distinctly Colorado (and more me). Also, you can’t beat the location. We thought about getting married in the mountains, but the drive from DIA for the out-of-state guests would have been size-able. The Manor House is close enough to Denver that we were able to have a few shuttles pick people up and drop them off in downtown Denver after the wedding. Since the reception ended at 10, people were happy to have a ride downtown to continue the celebration. We got the best of both worlds: mountains and city!

A Sentimental Element of the Wedding

 The Bible my sister read a few verses from during the ceremony was the Bible my dad gave my mom for her birthday the year I was born. I grew up watching her do studies in that Bible, and it’s those memories that first influenced my faith. Having the Bible at the wedding was a homage to that.

Something Borrowed

When Brian’s mom got a new diamond a few years back, she had her original engagement diamond set in a necklace. I wore the necklace at the wedding. I couldn’t have picked a better piece of jewelry for myself. I loved it.

Why Cookies

 The fact that Old Chicago provided the cookies we served as dessert actually meant a lot. The day after Brian and I got engaged, our friends hosted a party for us at the Fainting Goat in Denver. We took a cab home that night, and on the way our cab was hit by a drunk driver. Brian and my friend Erin (who was also in the cab) didn’t sustain any visible injuries, but I had a huge gash diagonally across my forehead, and I bit through my lip. The first time I left the house after the accident, I went with Brian and my family to Old Chicago. I was embarrassed because of the huge set of stitches across my forhead and my lip that was swollen to the size of a golf ball. I could barely eat or talk, but when the waitress saw me, and my family told her what happened, she brought me a cookie and some ice cream as kind of a cheer-up gesture. She made me feel better and made me forget for a second about my injuries. 

Kailey’s Advice for Other Brides

 Priortize fun at your wedding. Nobody notices centerpieces or place cards; they notice the sentiment of the ceremony and the fun of the reception!

Favorite Moment of the Wedding

 Definitely the band and dancing. We were having the time of our lives just letting go and celebrating the fact that we were married. It was an amazing feeling knowing that the people who we love most were all in the same place for what was quite possible the only time in our lives!

Congratulations Kailey & Brian! And as your programs said: Keep your eyes open, hold tight to your convictions, give it all you’ve got, be resolute, and Love without stopping. 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Photographer: Michele Hart

Officiant: Revered Larry Kunter

Florist: Avenue Blooms

Band: Moses Jones

Cookies: Old Chicago

Dress: Olia Zavozina

Hair: Shawna Howell

Makeup: Kailey did her own and looked absolutely STUNNING didn’t she?

Venue: The Manor House

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