Brittany & Derek’s Country Western Chic Wedding

Alright Manor House Bride readers… watch out for this one.  Derek & Brittany’s love truly leaps out of these photos and tugs on your heart strings.

Combined with their love, Brittany & Derek also wanted to show off their love of country by planning their wedding around a Country Western Chic theme, which they pulled off PERFECTLY.

Brittany & Derek did an amazing job making their wedding Country Western Chic without going overboard. Brittany and her bridesmaids looked simply darling in their cowboy boots and dresses, the sunflowers were extraordinary, and the touch of Derek’s groomsmen in brown button ups and jeans was impeccable. Together all of these details created a relaxed rustic country feel that was a true vision.

How Brittany & Derek Met

Going back to the beginning, Derek and I met in one of the 21st Centuries most common ways;! And let me be clear, I was as against on-line dating as a person could possibly be. Well, as most people know, you should never say never, right? After a couple of bad, and some downright awful dates, Derek and I were both about to throw the towel in from on-line dating all together. Then, as luck would have it, I saw Derek’s picture, read his profile, and sent him simple, and now, embarrassing email, “Hi! How was your weekend?” Before you knew it we were emailing each other long and in-depth letters and setting up a time and place to meet. On March 25, 2011 at P.F. Changs, I met the love of my life. The rest is history!

Brittany’s Favorite Moment

Trying to pick one favorite memory is borderline impossible, but I think if I had to choose, it would be walking down the aisle, my dad to my right, my family to my left, and the love of my life directly in front of me. I thank God every day for making our wedding so spectacular and I hope and pray everyone’s special day is as incredible as ours was!

How Brittany & Derek Made Their Wedding Unique

Making our wedding “Us” was an easy thing to do. Not only am I lucky enough to share the same interests and hobbies with the man I got to marry, but I was given the complete freedom to do so by our choice venue; The Manor House! Derek and I knew we had to make this whole “planning a wedding” experience as fun as possible, so we picked a theme we both were passionate about; Country Western Chic!  Seeing as Derek lived in Texas for many years, and with the amount of time I spend listening to Country music, (you’d think I grew up in the South too), we knew this was the theme for us; we set out for country classic, fun, and unique.

With the theme picked out, and both of us completely onboard, the details were a blast to figure out. We picked our favorite country love songs to walk down the aisle and dance to at our reception, ordered a mouthwatering barbeque-style dinner, sent out old, rustic country western wedding invitations, and made cowboy boots a dress requirement for all! We certainly made it clear this was no white-trash, red-neck wedding, but an enjoyable, lighthearted, southern-style event! The key to planning our wedding was to make it as fun and as easy-going as possible for everyone involved. And in my opinion, and the opinion of our guests, it was a total success!!

Photography, DJ, & Video: ABC Music, Video, & Photography

Brittany’s recommendation of ABC: Picking our music, videographer, and photographer was a breeze! Luckily, Kelley, our wedding planner with The Manor House, referred us to ABC Music, Video, and Photography! We worked with DeLane Robinson and his company and were flabbergasted by their enthusiasm and relentless effort in making our wedding memorable, worry and hassle free, and beautiful! DeLane did our amazing engagement video (which is now on Youtube and their main webpage), our spectacular engagement pictures, awesome ceremony and reception music, and of course, our unforgettable wedding video! DeLane and his team was extremely detail oriented, friendly, outgoing, and borderline perfectionists! They didn’t miss a single minute of our entire wedding day getting shots of everything to me and the bridal party getting ready all the way to the guests dancing up a storm after dinner. They got it all! DeLane’s eye for unique and breathtaking picture-poses blew our minds. We couldn’t have been more blessed to have ABC Music, Video, and Photography as our go-to people!

Cake: Mike Dijeavana

Flowers: Brittany’s mom Laura!

Dress: The Blue Bridal Boutique

Brittany’s response on The Blue Bridal Boutique: Planning our wedding was made so easy by the incredible vendors we used! My dress happened to be the first dress I tried on and the first place I went to; The Blue Bridal Boutique in Castle Rock, CO. My experience in their boutique was like none other. My family and I were the only ones in the shop and we had the undivided attention of our assistant, Courtney. I didn’t feel rushed in any way and I truly felt like the VIP bride! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Venue: The Manor House

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    • You are so welcome Brittany! We loved having Derek and your wedding here at The Manor House, you two are such a darling, sweet couple and your guests were so amazing and wonderful! Congratulations to you two from The Manor House! Thanks again for sharing your lovely story :).

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