Kayci & Brian’s Fairy Tale

“Once in awhile, 
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,

Love gives us a fairy tale.”

This couple truly is like something out of a fairy tale… gorgeous princess, handsome prince, and a love so pure and true nothing can stand in its way. Kayci & Brian’s wedding excited The Manor House staff from the beginning with all of the unique vineyard themed decor, beautiful color scheme, and gorgeous couple with an inspiring story.

How Their Fairy Tale Began

Kayci & Brian met six years ago at a mutual friend’s bbq at Wash Park in Downtown Denver. Four years later they were reunited at a benefit for cancer and a week later went on their first date to the Lair of the Bear (which is a gorgeous hike nestled in the Rocky Mountains past Morrison, Colorado), followed by a delicious lunch at the famous pizza joint, Beau Jo’s. From then on the two were inseparable until Brian received the opportunity of a lifetime by landing his dream job with the Union Pacific Railroad in Elko, Nevada. They filled the distance with many plane rides, adventures, phone conversations, and emails; and through it all, they discovered this was the love of a lifetime.

Their Proposal in a Winter Wonderland

On December 10, 2011 Brian surprised Kayci with a stay at the Ritz Carlton in Vail for her birthday weekend getaway.  Once the happy couple checked into the hotel, Brian gave Kayci her first pair of snowshoes for a birthday present. Kayci was thrilled to get snowshoes and was beyond excited to get out into the snowy landscape to use them. After about an hour of snow shoeing, they stumbled upon a perfect spot to sit on the side of the mountain overlooking the sun hitting Vail pass. Brian set up a camera on tree stump and asked Kayci to walk down a little ways so he could get the timer on the camera ready to take their picture together. Next thing she knew, Brian was down on one knee proposing on top of Vail Pass in the midst of this winter wonderland. Kayci said yes and jumped for joy after Brian placed the ring on her finger. Little did she know, the proposal celebration wasn’t over yet. The next day, Kayci & Brian went to her parents house after coming home from Vail. Kayci was so excited to show her parents the ring and tell them about the engagement. As she walked in the kitchen all their family and friends jumped out and yelled SURPRISE! Brian had planned a surprise engagement and birthday party for Kayci to continue the celebration. For Kayci & Brian, this was just the beginning of their sweet fairy tale.

Their Enchanting Wedding Day

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Kayci’s Favorite Moment

My favorite moment was when my dad walked me down the aisle and everything became silent and still. Brian and I chose not to see each other until I was walking down the isle to marry him. It was a moment I will never forget. I felt like I was walking down a bright tunnel and it was just him and I on this beautiful hill. My eyes were glued on him, my smile went from ear to ear and my heart was full!

Why Kayci & Brian Chose The Manor House

Two short weeks after we got engaged, Brian and I discussed having our wedding on Labor Day weekend. Which was exactly two years from our first date. With Brian living out of town, I took my parents with me on New Years Eve day to start the wedding venue journey. Brian and I are both from Colorado and wanted to tie in the beautiful gems of the Rockies without having to drive an hour outside of the city. The Manor House was our first and only stop, as soon as I walked to the ceremony site, I fell in love. I looked to my parents and got choked up and said, “this is it, this is where I want to marry my best friend.” The rest was history.  I sent Brian pictures I had taken with my camera and he instantly fell in love with The Manor House.

Kayci’s Wedding Inspiration

A month after we were engaged, Brian received a call with exciting news of a new promotion which would be taking us to Washington and living in the heart of WA’s wine country. With this new adventure ahead of us, we knew we wanted to tie wine in with our overall theme. 

We incorporated wine barrels into the ceremony site and the centerpieces. The centerpieces were created by my sister-in-law’s father, who is an amazing craftsman. He took an old wine barrel and used each individual wine slat and carved a hole in the center. The wine bottles were turned upside down to fit into the holes and he sealed the top with a cork & wax so the water wouldn’t come through, and cut the bottom off so that the flowers could go in. On either side of the wine bottle vase he carved two more holes for two little tea-light candles. 

To carry on the vineyard feel,  I came up with using the same wine bottle on our invitations to use for the escort/table assignment cards. I started saving tons of corks and asked multiple people to help collect corks for me. I glued 2 corks together and placed the escort wine bottle in the middle. It was super cute, free and easy!

Aside from the Washington wine country, I also received a ton of inspiration from Pinterest. This is where I found the look of the long tables combined with the deconstructed/unorganized flower vases down the table. We borrowed vases from friends & family members who had previously gotten married to help save a lot of money and prevent us from having 100+ vases left over. 

I Love You Because…

We wanted to display our love for each other so a couple weeks before the wedding we both wrote each other a list/poem titled “I love you because….” I printed them on nice paper and framed them so we could place them on the front table for people to read as they came in.

Kayci’s Advice to Other Brides:

Take a deep breath, several times through out the day.

Take several snap shot moments with your mind.

Take 10 minutes after the ceremony of one on one time with your husband.

Don’t feel like you have to talk to every single guest…it’s impossible!

Try your best to soak it in and live in the moment.


Photographer: Jeff Poucher PhotojournalistFlorist: Wild Flower Floral ColoradoInvitations, Programs, & Escort Cards: Mallory Woods, DJ: A Music Plus, Cupcakes: Gigi’sWedding Dress: Amanda’s BridalHair: Wendy Smith at Star SalonMakeup: LadyCharm ArtistryVenue: The Manor House

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