Stephanie & Eric

WOW. That’s the word that slipped out of your mouth when you saw the above photo wasn’t it? It certainly was for us! Just get ready, you will be saying “wow” and “look at this photo” more than once during this feature, the images are that amazing! The super talented photographer, Dawn Sparks, captured the most incredible images of the sky during Stephanie & Eric’s wedding that are all exquisite! Not to mention, she had the sweet sweet Stephanie & Eric to work with, who made it easy for her to catch the purest and most touching moments with a click.

We adored the burlap vases full of beautiful flower arrangements that Stephanie & Eric chose to have at the ceremony site.

Tip for Photographers: So I am not a photographer by any means, but I do receive wedding photo submissions on a daily basis for The Manor House Bride… and I would like all photographers reading this post to take note on this amazing photo. Very rarely do I see this view of the first kiss, but it has become my new favorite. Think about it, this way the bride & groom get to see all of their guests faces and reactions to their first kiss. It is an absolute priceless moment that I think needs to be captured at every wedding. So for those photographers out there that have a photography duo (as I know many of you do!) have one photographer capture an image of the first kiss with the backdrop behind them, the other catch the moment with the guests as the background. Just my two cents!

The Bradford Perley House 

Dawn took the wedding party over to the Bradford Perley House to capture some stunning photos in front of the house and in front of the majestic rock formations near to the home. The Bradford Perley House is located in what is now referred to as The North Ranch, which is a short few minute drive from The Manor House. This previous home was built in 1859 by Major Robert Boyles Bradford, then sold to James Adam Perley in 1895, until finally being sold to John Shaffer in 1926. For those of you who are not familiar with the history of The Manor House, John Shaffer was the individual who built The Manor House in 1914. He owned 28,000 acres as his cattle ranch, which is now our Ken Caryl Valley named after Shaffer’s two sons Kent & Carroll. A devastating fire destroyed the interior of The Bradford Perley House in 1967, but fortunately The Ken Caryl- Ranch Historical Society has since kept the property structure maintained so the history of Ken Caryl Valley can carry on.

To find more information about the history of Ken Caryl, click here: Ken Caryl Ranch 

This children’s activity pale is such a great idea to keep any kiddos at your wedding entertained while their parents dance the night away!

The uplighting that night was incredible thanks to DJ, Perry Washington.

Congratulations Stephanie & Eric! 

Photography: Dawn Sparks

Cake: Tony’s Market!

Venue: The Manor House 

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