Sasha & Nate’s Wedding Video Debut

I have been waiting for the perfect moment to release this splendidly fun wedding video from the lovely Sasha & dashing Nate’s wedding that was on April 13, 2012. With winter right around the corner and the wind blowing fiercely cold chills through the valley, I thought, what could warm us up better than a spring time wedding bursting with a vintage & classic uniqueness!?

But before you watch their darling wedding video, filmed by Andy Catarisano & edited by Ben Hensely, it’s a must to read  their adorable proposal story that delightful Sasha shared with us:

Nate recreated our first date, and we drove up the mountain to look at the beautiful city lights. I had no idea anything was coming because I knew that my parents has asked him to wait till I graduated, and it definitely wasn’t the end of December! It was just another special date on a lovely (cold) evening. So with the city lights behind him, and a little black box in his hand, he dropped to a knee and simply asked me to marry him. After I got past the initial confusion, and he had reassured me he had already talked to my parents about asking early, I remembered I needed to say yes. He took the 45 seconds it took me to answer like a champ!

Now that you have an image in your mind of this sweet couple, without further ado I bring you their wedding video! Their wedding ceremony allows you to see how stunning ceremonies are inside The Manor House tent!

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