The Love of High School Sweethearts

In today’s world, we do not see many high school sweethearts, and I have to say, it’s a shame. There is something so special about knowing one another since you were teenagers. You get to experience all of those wonderful milestones together: sweet sixteens, prom, high school graduation, college, college graduation, etc. There’s such a unique connection that comes with being in a relationship through all of that.

This is why when we heard Bianca & Justin were high school sweethearts, it all made sense. This spectacular couple has an uncanny connection that came from time and a pure love for one another. They were married here at The Manor House on September 2, 2012 and oh my goodness their wedding radiated of love, happy tears, huge smiles, and ended with the marriage of a couple who will be able to look back 20 years from now and say, “hey, remember when we graduated high school, graduated college, and were married?” This couple is one that will continue to share those magical life milestones together for years and years to come.

Why Bianca & Justin Chose The Manor House

 We had been looking everywhere for the perfect venue and nothing seemed to fit the bill…my bridesmaid Courtney called me one day and said she had just driven past The Manor House- she said it was beautiful and exactly what I was looking for… she was right! The staff at The Manor House was Amazing- they took care of everything and made our wedding day everything we had hoped for.

Bianca’s Advice to Other Brides

Spend the extra money and have everything delivered – the last thing you want to have to worry about on your special day is for you or your family to have to stress about picking something up… When it came down to the day of I was so glad we did!

Photography: Chris Gentile PhotographyOfficiant: Doug Carlson , Florist: Fleur De LizVenue: The Manor HouseDress: The Bridal CollectionMakeup: Robert Parker, Cake: The Bundt ShoppeEspresso: Espresso Affair

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