This Week’s Pinterest Loves

Yay! It’s the weekend! We hope you all have wonderful plans this weekend, whether they are grand adventures or cozy movie nights in! In honor of Valentine’s Day, which is creeping up this upcoming Thursday (in case you need a reminder, or need to show this to your loved one as a reminder *hint hint*), we decided to put together a little Pinterest wedding inspiration with a little flair of Valentine’s Day thrown in. Enjoy! 

1. Most Amazing Photo Booth EVER!: Isn’t this photo booth fantastic? We’re in love! Via: Three Pennies 

2. Adorable Engagement Session with Balloons!: Our obsession for photos with balloon props started from Becky & Scott’s wedding here this past season (see their feature here: Charmingly Vintage with a Hint of Backstreet Boys ) and obviously we are still drawn towards this darling look. So cute for an engagement session for a little “you lift me off my feet” feel. Via: Green Wedding Shoes

3. Tandem Bike Inspired Save The Date Cards: We are crazy about these lovely green tandem bike save the date cards! So fun and cute! Via: Wedding Chicks

4. White, Red, and Soft Pink Flower Arrangement: Very fitting for Valentine’s Day Colors! Via: Style Me Pretty

5. “Let’s Do This Thing”  Signage: So if you have taken a peek at our Pinterest you already know we have a slight addiction to wedding signage, which c’mon it’s hard not to! There are so many creative ideas for wedding signs out there, this one included! This sign is so cute and fun, it would definitely get us pumped up for a wedding of pure fun!  Not to mention, did you notice the wedding date? Imagine having your wedding on Valentine’s Day! So romantic! Via: Ruffled Blog 

6. Noisemaker Bike: Okay, this is a great idea. The sign reads: “Take a noisemaker and make some noise when we kiss as Husband & Wife.” Very cute to add some excitement and involvement into your ceremony! Via: 100 Layer Cake 

7. Heart Strung Send Off Car: To send you off into your Valentine’s Day week, we thought the perfect inspiration would be an adorable heart strung send off car!   Via: 100 Layer Cake 

Love these pins? Mosey on over to the MHB Pinterest to see more! :

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