Spring Time Lovin’- Winnie & Caleb


 So you know those couples that you can take one look at and just know they make each other so happy and have so much fun together on a daily basis? That’s Winnie & Caleb to a tee. These two always have the biggest smiles from ear to ear and are making each other laugh in one way or another. That is why we knew their wedding would be filled with laughter and love, and oh my goodness was it ever!

We caught up with Winnie in her life as a newly-wed to Caleb and asked her what were her favorite moments:

Winnie:  “There were so many favorite moments it’s hard to choose just a few! One that sticks out in my mind is walking down the aisle in that gorgeous tent. It felt like a dream with my dream guy waiting for me at the other end. We also both loved dancing the night way in the stunning mansion, it was incredible! I loved the vintage feel, it truly felt like a fairy tale. I knew I wanted to get married at The Manor House the second I saw its beauty!”


Yep, we ADORE those lovely yellow bridesmaid dresses too!

cmp_0200 cmp_0204 cmp_0211

We love weddings in the tent! 

cmp_0256 cmp_0259








Congratulations Winnie & Caleb!!! 

Photography: Chris McLaughlin (with assistant Linsey Wilt)

Venue: The Manor House

Makeup & Hair: Katelyn Webb (Winnie’s Maid of Honor!)

Flowers: Earle’s Loveland Flowers & Gifts

Cake:Linsey Santala (Winnie & Caleb’s friend)

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