Robyn & Jason

A beautiful day in May with shades of soft pink and black brought together the sweetest couple, Robyn & Jason. The love between these two is evident in every moment they spend together and every picture taken.  Some of our favorites things were the Father of the Bride cufflinks, Robyn’s personalized pink shoes and their beautiful wedding canopy. With touches of tradition this couple still got to add their own style to their big day. We are thrilled to show you the photos thanks to Two One Photography.

Londer_Swinford1 Londer_Swinford2

A pair of pink shoes can brighten any wedding day!

Londer_Swinford3 Londer_Swinford4 Londer_Swinford5 Londer_Swinford6

Personalized handkerchief for Dad “Of all the walks we’ve taken together, this is my favorite”

Londer_Swinford7 Londer_Swinford8 Londer_Swinford9 Londer_Swinford10 Londer_Swinford11 Londer_Swinford12 Londer_Swinford13 Londer_Swinford14 Londer_Swinford15

Londer_Swinford16 Londer_Swinford17 Londer_Swinford18 Londer_Swinford19 Londer_Swinford20 Londer_Swinford21 Londer_Swinford22

Congratulations Robyn & Jason!

Photographer: Two One Photography| Venue: The Manor House | Florist: Kimball Floral | DJ: Beggar’s Tune

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