Two become one ~ Aimee & Jose

Aimee & Jose had worked together at the same company but in different departments. Destiny intervened when they finally met one day during lunch at Subway! You can see that Aimee & Jose are best friends and are always there to support and love each other every moment their eyes meet. This love is evident in every photo of their beautiful wedding, captured by Two One Photography. We love the classic feel of their wedding, from Aimee’s gorgeous dress to their classic car and the adorable ring bearers!

Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding078_lowStrausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding011_lowStrausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding012_low Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding018_low Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding021_low Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding024_low

Such a beautiful and elegant bouquet!


Aren’t these little guys the cutest!

Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding049_low Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding055_low Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding056_low Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding060_low Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding062_low Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding064_low Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding073_low Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding080_low Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding086_low

“As far as my favorite part of the day…. to be honest, the whole day was amazing and I can’t just pick one part. My advice to future brides is that the day goes by so fast it’s important to stop and enjoy every moment. ” ~Aimee

Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding098_low Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding110_low Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding121_low Strausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding133_lowStrausheim_Manrique_Two_One_Photography_couchmanorhousewedding129_low 
Congratulations Aimee & Jose!

Photographer: Two One Photography | Venue: The Manor House
Florist: Kimball Floral | DJ: Elite DJ
Cake and Desserts: Azucar Bakery | Photo booth: Shutterbooth
Music Trio: Ribbons and Strings | Transportation: DDG Classics
Dress: The Bridal Collection (Justin Alexander)

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