The First Look

Should you do a first look or not? The first look is quite a controversial topic in the wedding scene. It can draw emotions out of the bride, groom, family & friends. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the topic and it all stems from the traditional idea that the bride & groom should not see each other until the ceremony. While going through all the amazing pictures from the 2013 wedding season, we realized that many of our bride & grooms came up with some creative places around The Manor House to share their special moment of seeing other for the first time on their wedding days. With an abundance of gorgeous pictures we wanted to share them with you. If you have already decided to do a first look, hopefully you’ll get some ideas for different first locations for your special day.

The one thing that comes through in all the first look pictures is that the bride & groom are able to have their special moment without holding back any emotion & fully embracing the joy of seeing each other for the first time. Here are some of the amazing moments captured from this past season. We saw so many different first look locations: the front lawn of the mansion, the staircase inside the mansion, sharing the moment with friends & family inside, the front porch, the brides room, the ceremony site, blindfolded (!) and in the fields behind the mansion. All are gorgeous and all the pictures emanate so much emotion.  We hope you enjoy!

Chi 1st lookPhotographer: Brinton Studios

Warren 1st look Photographer: Two One PhotographyCoyne 1st look Photographer: Chris McLaughlin PhotographyKindal 1st look Photographer: Two One PhotographyBouchard 1st look Photographer: Trystan PhotographyDelehant 1st look Photographer: Two One PhotographyLonder 1st look

Photographer: Two One PhotographyZaltsberg 1st look

Photographer: Two One Photography

So, still deciding on what to do for your big day? The choice should be one that is unique to each couple. Our suggestion is to listen to your heart and consider what is important to you on your wedding day. A big pro to doing a first look is that you can use the time before your ceremony to get a lot of pictures done. The bride & groom can have time to take couple shots, as well time to get all wedding party pictures completed. What does this mean for you? More time to enjoy with your guests as husband & wife and less time away from the party taking pictures. On the other hand, some family & friends may want to share in the moment when the groom sees the bride walking down the aisle for the first time. Decisions, decisions! Either way, we promise the emotion of the day will be captured forever on film.

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