Monica & Marcus

An absolutely radiant bride & a blind-folded groom made this gorgeous June wedding one to remember. Each picture of Monica & Marcus warms your heart. Two One Photography did an amazing job of capturing all the special moments of this wedding, while highlighting the natural beauty surrounding The Manor House. We loved Monica & Marcus’s classic summer wedding filled with love, sunshine & cornflower blue! Monica & Marcus décor had a perfect balance of elegance and simplicity. Their wedding truly focused on their love for one another & their guests enjoyed every second of it!

It is obvious to anyone who has spent anytime around Monica & Marcus that they share a deep love based on friendship & passion. The story of how they met is evidence of the love they share :

“Marcus and I met as freshmen at Colorado State University. We both lived in the same dorm and had a few mutual friends. We got along really well and became great friends! We spent the next two years getting to know each other – having dinner with friends, going to events on campus and celebrating our birthdays together (Marcus is 2 days older than me!). Finally after two years we officially started dating. We dated for five years before we got engaged, and two of those were spent long distance while I was in Dallas starting my career in education and Marcus was in Fort Collins finishing his degree in engineering.”

1 2 3 4 We love the blind fold idea!5 6 7 8 9 10 11

12 13How Marcus proposed: “I had planned a long weekend in Colorado (I was teaching Kindergarten in Dallas at the time) for Marcus’ graduation. I flew in really late Thursday night after a long day at work. Everything that could go wrong with my flight did go wrong and I arrived extremely late. Marcus had told me that we were going to a breakfast for mechanical engineering grads in the morning before the actual graduation ceremony. I remember calling him on my way to Fort Collins from the airport and suggesting that he go to the breakfast without me since I was arriving so late. He was adamant that I attend, so I slept for  a few hours and then Marcus picked me up early the next morning. We arrived on campus for the “breakfast” and began our long walk across The Oval towards a tent where I was told breakfast was (really this was being used for graduation events). On our way Marcus came to a stop and turned to me. He dropped to his knee and had the most beautiful ring! At his point I had started crying and couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I pulled him up into a hug before he even had a chance to put the ring on my finger! He had planned out every detail – proposing on the campus where we met, having both of our families in town for his graduation, and the graduation/engagement party that afternoon. He even had his best friend (and wonderful photographer) hiding in the bushes so he could capture the whole proposal.”14 15 16 17 18 19Congratulations Monica & Marcus!

Photographer: Two One Photography

Venue: The Manor House

Music: Columbine Entertainment 

Florist: Fluer De Liz

Chair Covers: Seated Elegance

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