Flash Back Friday: Festive Holiday Wedding | Jacqueline & Calvin

We’re heading into the holiday season and looking back on this festive holiday wedding, we can’t help but to get a warm and cozy feeling despite the still semi-warm weather outside. We love love love that Jacqueline & Calvin embraced the holiday season and added subtle but memorable touches into their wedding. For instance, don’t you just love the groom’s and groomsmen plaid bow ties, or what about Jacqueline’s fur shaw? Also, don’t miss Jacqueline’s bouquet of pine cones – SO cool! Enjoy the rest of this fabulous, festive wedding shot by Jim Colman Photography.

Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding303_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding309_low
Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding338_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding350_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding362_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding368_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding408_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding419_low


Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding468_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding487_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding508_low

Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding580_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding587_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding615_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding673_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding678_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding718_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding729_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding744_low Gee_Powell_Jim_Colman_Photography_wedding766_low



Venu: The Manor House | Photographer: Jim Colman Photography |

Categories: Holiday Wedding

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