Flashback Friday: Costume Themed Engagement Session | Erin & Derek

Okay, so we are flashing way back today. I mean like, two years back. But seeing as Halloween is TOMORROW (we’re a little excited, can you tell?!) we can’t miss reminiscing on this super fun couple’s engagement shoot. Complete with costumes and love (what more could you want?) Erin & Derek’s session by Brinton Studios will never grow old.

Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0001 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0003 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0006 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0013 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0016 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0017 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0019 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0023 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0024 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0026 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0027 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0031 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0032 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0040 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0042 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0047 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0054 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0067 Costume-Themed-Engagement-Shoot-Brinton-Studios0078

Venue: The Manor House | Photographer: Brinton Studios

Categories: Real Wedding

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