Wedspiration Wednesday | Wedding Favors That Won’t Break The Budget!

Having wedding favors to give out to your guests at the end of the night is one of the best ways to show your appreciation for them coming to celebrate with you. Wedding favors can also be an easy way to rack up a big expense if you’re not careful. Thanks to Pinterest, we have found some adorable yet, more importantly, affordable, wedding favors that still say “thank you for celebrating with us.”

mason jar

Mason jars can be very inexpensive when buying in bulk – usually each jar costing around .70 – .80 cents each. Personalizing them adds a special touch and gives your guests something they can use and remind them of your special day.


Packaging “to-go” s’more kits is a fun and cheap way to hand out something to your guests. They’ll love the option of having a late night snack once they are home. Treat bags can be easily found in bulk for very cheap. Add some pretty calligraphy or a bow and you’ve personalized the treat to fit your wedding day!


Matches are a super handy favor that you can personalize effortlessly. You can be as creative or simple as you want with the match box and best of all, matches are easily findable for under $1!


Who doesn’t love tea? Personalize tea bags and buy in bulk for under $1 at Your guests’ will be loving a warm cup of tea at the end of the night!

washi tape

Candles could be such a lovely wedding favor but also very pricey. Tea lights are a wonderful alternative as they are very cheap to buy in bulk – buying up to 100 for $20 just at Target! We love the idea of wrapping washi tape around the container for a pretty a more personalized look!


Give your guests a favor they can use like these fridge magnets. These heart cut outs from Etsy seller, latwoodyworld are selling for $40 for 500 pieces. You can find magnetic backs for $10 for 200 pieces equalling a unique and very affordable wedding favor to hand your guests’!


Succulents are so lovely in my opinion and I would be thrilled to receive one as a wedding favor. They seem like an extravagant favor but are actually very affordable when buying in bulk on Amazon. You can find 100 succulents for $90!

Tell us what you think and if you’ve seen any great affordable ideas for wedding favors!

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