Elegant Intimate Wedding | Kelly & Glenn

Let’s start off the week with a gorgeous wedding we’ve been dying to share. Kelly and Glenn celebrated their special day with their closest friends and family on a beautiful October evening. Their elegant yet simple details made Kelly & Glenn’s wedding effortlessly timeless. One detail we loved was the couple’s choice to step outside the norm a bit, and have a rather small wedding. Their guests were seated intimately at one large King’s table where they enjoyed their meals and conversation with the newlyweds. Kelly and Glenn had a strong connection that night, not only with each other but with every single one of their guests.

Enjoy these gorgeous photos by Mallory Munson Photography

Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0001 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0002 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0003 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0004 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0005 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0006 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0007 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0008 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0009 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0010 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0011 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0012 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0013 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0014 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0015 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0016 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0017 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0018 Intimate-Romantic-wedding-mallory-munson-photography0019


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