Romantic Floral Wedding| Gina & Marc

We were so excited to receive these photos from Autumn Cutaia Photography of Gina and Marc’s gorgeous August wedding. We loved how each space is overflowing with flowers in soft colors — we couldn’t help but feel like we had stepped into a lush, English garden. We loved the romantic atmosphere that Gina and Marc helped create for their friends and family to celebrate their love that will never stop blooming!

Enjoy the photos below.

Venue: The Manor House | Flowers: Flowers Forever Design | Dessert: La Patisserie Fancaise & The Dessert Stand | Photographer: Autumn Cutaia

Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0001 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0002 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0003 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0004 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0005 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0006 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0007 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0008 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0009 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0010 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0011 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0012 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0013 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0014 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0015 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0016 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0017 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0018 Pink-Romantic-wedding-Autumn-Cutaia-photography0019

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