Wedspiration Wednesday | Wedding Cake Alternatives

We all love cake but it’s okay to love pie, donuts, and other delicious sweet treats too and hey, maybe you’d rather have a waffle tower at your wedding than a traditional three tiered, fondant cake. We support you and we’ve also lined up a list of our favorite wedding cake alternatives and they sure are something sweet!



Here’s that waffle tower we mentioned. Having a brunch wedding? Well, I think you just found your “dessert.”


Cake pops! It’s technically still cake, just in a more convenient and unique way.


Who doesn’t love doughnuts!? Piled on top of each other and styled with flowers. There isn’t a prettier sight.


ooey gooey Rice Krispie treat cake? YUM!


Three Giant cinnamon rolls with delicious icing? Yes, please. Perfect for a fall wedding.


Eclaire’s are not only delicious, but super cute as a dessert tower!


Macaron towers are so beautiful. Oh, and they taste good too!


Going for a more rustic feel? Pie might be the way to go!


Having your wedding on a hot summer day? An ice cream tower is the perfect way to delight your guests!

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