A Pastel Wedding | Haley & Will

We are heading into a week of warm sun which is a nice change from last week! We are starting to crave Spring more and more and while looking through Haley and Will’s gorgeous pastel wedding, we can’t help but feel transported into the warm season. We LOVE the combination of mint, lavender and purple throughout their wedding along with the glamour of their timeless centerpieces. Not only do the pops of color seem to give us a warm and sunny feeling, but so does the pure love that radiates between them. We truly loved having Will and Haley here to celebrate their day and we couldn’t be more excited to share their photos with you. Enjoy!

Venue: The Manor House | Photographer: Katie Corinne Photography | Flowers: Newberry Bros | Dress: Blue Bridal Boutique | Cake: Happy Cakes Bakeshop

Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0001 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0002 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0003 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0004 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0005 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0006 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0007 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0008 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0009 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0010 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0011 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0012 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0013 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0014 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0015 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0016 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0017 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0018 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0019 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0020 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0021 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0022 Soft-Pastel-Wedding-Katie-Corinne-Photography0023

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