Wedspiration Wednesday: 10 Wedding Trends In 2016

We loved seeing the trends that came from 2015 and now, we can’t wait to see what comes up this year! After some research from various wedding blogs and Pinterest, we noticed these 10 trends popping up continuously.

Bye bye strapless gowns.

Get ready to see more wedding gowns with more coverage on the shoulders. Whether you like beaded cap sleeves or full lace sleeves, strapless gowns are becoming something of the past and honestly, we’re not mad about it.


long sleeve


Floral bridesmaids.

Here’s one trend that is especially exciting. Floral bridesmaid dresses can add texture and a romantic feel to your bridal party. It can also fit several themes whether you’re going for a more rustic gathering or a glamorous soiree.


floral bridesmaid1


Loose cascading florals.

We started to see this trend in 2015, but get ready to see it everywhere this year. Organic, loose floral arrangements will be draping from tables, bouquets and even on cakes. 2016 will be the time to let your inner flower child shine.

floral cake



Metallic Details.

Another trend that started to peek out in 2015 is metallic touches, specifically with gold. However, come this year’s wedding season, we will not only be seeing pops of gold but also rose gold and copper.




Jewel tone colors.

While weddings will always have a soft spot for beautiful blush, this year we are starting to see more rich, jewel toned colors. These pretty colors can give such an elegant tone to a whole wedding.

jewel tone flowers

jewel invitation

jewel plate

Mix and matched styles.

No longer are the days of having to stick with one style for your wedding. You want to mix rustic and glam? Go for it. What about modern with romantic touches? 2016 says “yes!”

vintage modern

modern romantic

rustic glam

Naked Cakes.

While beautifully crafted fondant cakes are still popular, 2016 will see more natural, “naked” cakes. Decorated with organic objects such as flowers and fruits, these cakes can fit all sorts of wedding themes.




Band & DJ.

So you want the best of both worlds of having a band and a DJ at your wedding? 2016 is saying that’s okay! Having a laid back band play during cocktail hour will surprise and entertain your guests. Later, you can really get the party started with a DJ!




Unplugged Wedding.

You want your guests to be present during your event. Cell phones are a huge distraction not only to them but can also make it difficult for your photographer whom you’ve paid to capture the biggest moments. This trend of requesting guests to refrain from using their cells during the ceremony is becoming more known in 2016.



2016 Top wedding colors.

According to Patone, 2016 holds a future for vibrant and fun colors.

color palette

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