Soft Romantic September Wedding | Sarah & Josh

It was a warm September day when Sara and Josh celebrated their special day with us. Their friends and family gathered while Sara and Josh proclaimed their love not only to one another but to their precious daughter during a beautiful Jewish ceremony. Their color palette from the decor to the flowers was soft and romantic, fitting the theme of the night.

We couldn’t help but swoon watching this family’s love bloom surrounded by their closest friends and family. We were truly honored to host such a magical night and are excited to share these photos by Joshua McDonald Photography with you!

Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0001 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0002 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0003 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0004 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0005 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0006 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0007 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0008 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0009 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0010 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0011 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0012 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0013 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0014 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0015 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0016 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0017 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0018 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0019 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0020 Joseph-mcdonald-photography-floral-wedding0021

Venue: The Manor House | Photographer: Joshua McDonald Photography | Flowers: Kimball Floral

Categories: Real Wedding

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