Stunning February Wedding | Carrie & Sam

The work week is coming to an end and what better way to start the weekend than with a beautiful wedding? We can’t stop looking at these photos by Kelly Lemon Photography of Carrie and Sam’s February wedding. Between an amethyst color palette, Carrie’s gorgeous dress and the abundance amount of love that filled the day, Carrie and Sam’s wedding day will be one we will never forget.

Read below to hear what Carrie had to say about their special day.

1. What was your favorite Mr. & Mrs moment?

Now that is a really tough one! There were SO many amazing moments from our day. I’d say one of my favorites was when we had our first look on the back porch of the Manor House. There was so much anticipation and excitement leading up to our wedding day, and when we first saw each other dolled up it was all so real and wonderful. I felt so lucky. Another favorite moment was at the end of the night when all our guests made a giant circle around Sam and I on the dance floor. Our DJ played “Hey Jude” and while everyone belted out the lyrics they slowly made the circle smaller and smaller until we were all arm and arm dancing and singing away. It was such a special moment being surrounded by all of our friends and family that I’ll always remember.

2. What was most important to you? Ceremony? Dinner? Dancing?

All of the above! The ceremony was so incredibly special. It was overwhelmingly amazing looking out at all of our friends and family who had come far and long to witness Sam and I express our love and devote our lives to one another. Dinner was absolutely delicious! Chicken Parm was the perfect entree following a Broncos Super Bowl win. “Chicken parm you taste so good…” 🙂 And dancing, well, it was a blast. You could feel the energy and happiness all around the entire night.

3. What attracted you to The Manor House?

I grew up in Ken Caryl Valley so lots of special memories have been made at the Manor House. Can’t get much better.

4. How did you pick your wedding date?

We got engaged on Christmas Day so we knew we wanted a winter wedding. My parent’s anniversary is in February so we thought it would be special to have ours during the same month.

5. Explain your theme/colors?

Our theme was a whimsical, romantic winter wonderland. The colors were dark plum, a purple taupe and charcoal gray with moss green accents.

Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0001 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0002 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0003 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0004 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0005 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0006 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0007 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0008 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0009 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0010 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0011 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0012 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0013 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0014 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0015 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0016 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0017 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0018 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0019 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0020 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0021 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0022 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0023 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0024 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0025 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0026 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0027 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0028 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0029 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0030 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0031 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0032 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0033 Kelly-Lemon-Photography-february-Wedding0034

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