Aida & Brian | May 28, 2016

Aida and Brian’s elegant day time wedding was nothing short of gorgeous and we have the photos to prove it. Jaimie Johnson Photography captured everything from the vibrant color palette to the beautiful Indian undertones, and we can’t help but to fall in love with their wedding over and over again.

Read about Aida and Brian’s day from the bride herself!

What was your favorite Mr. & Mrs moment?

Our favorite Mr. and Mrs. Moment was definitely the grand entrance after we had changed into our outfits from India, it was so great entering the reception hall to see all of our friends and family standing there awaiting our arrival.

What was most important to you? Ceremony? Dinner? Dancing?

The Ceremony was the most important part, and it really came together perfectly.  The setting of the Manor House overlooking downtown Denver was absolutely perfect.

What attracted you to The Manor House?

The Manor House is everything we were looking for.  It is a beautiful venue with amazing views.  We have received so many compliments on our choice, and really as soon as we saw it we knew we had to have our wedding there.  We could not have made a better decision as everything was perfect from the venue, to the food, to all of the staff!

How did you pick your wedding date?

We chose our wedding date because we wanted to have an outdoor wedding and since a lot of our guests were coming from out of town, we wanted them to be able to spend an extra day in Denver if they wanted – so Memorial Day weekend was a perfect choice.

Explain your theme/colors?

We picked our colors because I  really wanted pink, and we figured gray was a good fit with it.  We didn’t really have a theme for the wedding, but I did all the flowers/bouquets myself – and we really based everything off of the vision I had in my head and went from there – thankfully it worked out.

Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0001 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0002 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0003 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0004 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0005 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0006 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0007 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0008 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0009 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0010 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0011 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0012 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0013 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0014 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0015 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0016 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0017 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0018 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0019 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0020 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0021 Aida-and-Brian-Indian-Wedding-Jamie-Johnson-Photography0022

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