The Manor House is one of Colorado’s most historic residencies. John Shaffer purchased 3,500 acres now known as Ken Caryl Ranch (named after his two sons) on October 19, 1914. He immediately commissioned the architect Edbrooke to build him a mansion that was completed at the cost of $100,000 at the highest spot of the four mile wide valley with 360 degree views. The 8,000 square foot Manor House was originally surrounded by his Ken Caryl Cattle Ranch, which covered 28,000 acres. John Shaffer was the editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune as well as the owner of The Chicago Post and The Rocky Mountain News. Mr. Shaffer was also a patron of the arts and spearheaded the funds necessary to build Chicago’s opera houses. The Manor House entertained frequent guests such as President Theodore Roosevelt and President William Howard Taft, as well as industrial chieftains from around the world.

The Manor House is a most majestic setting for a wedding ceremony, reception, and rehearsal dinner. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Ken Caryl Valley, we have a beautiful 6.5 acre site with panoramic views that include a breath-taking view of Downtown Denver for our outdoor ceremonies, as well as cozy fireplace rooms for a more intimate party. In addition, we have a gorgeous Bride’s room with fantastic picture  vignettes as well as a loft-style Groom’s room complete with a pool table and big screen t.v.

The 110 foot flagpole behind The Manor House has a light at the top that was originally battery operated. The light could be seen from Denver through the saddle of the Dakota Hogback and this was an invitation for Shaffer’s friends to “come on out!”

Today we continue the tradition of lighting the light to receive our guests, with a most warming welcome and festive celebration.

The Light is on! Come on out!

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