Flashback Friday: Yellow & Gray Country Wedding | Michele & Chad

Michele & Chad had their wedding here with us on a sunny September day just over a year ago. Looking back, we haven’t stopped loving their contrasting color palette and the subtle country chic vibe of their wedding, but most of all, we admire the love that radiated between Michele & Chad on their most special day. Enjoy these photos shot by Libby Neder Photography.

Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0042 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0048 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0051 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0074 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0010 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0011 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0012 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0013 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0014 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0015 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0016 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0017 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0018 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0019 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0020 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0021 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0022 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0023 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0024 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0025 Country-Chic-Wedding-Libby-Neder-Photography0026

Categories: Real Wedding

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