Romantic Vintage Wedding | Eboniece & Brandon

We were so happy to receive this GORGEOUS wedding from this past June in our inbox. Eboniece and Brandon shared their love with friends, family and us on a beautiful Summer day and the result was pretty magical. The soft pinks, gold accents and vintage china added such a romantic theme to the day that we can’t help but be in awe of these photos taken by Jessica Christie Photography.  We are still so honored to have been apart of their special day and truly loved every minute!

Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0001 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0002 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0003 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0004 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0005 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0006 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0007 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0008 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0009 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0010 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0011 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0012 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0013 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0014 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0015 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0016 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0017 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0018 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0019 Vintage-shabby-chic-jessica-christie-photography0020

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